Webtop or WebOS. Operating System on Internet.

(The picture at bottom is that of Goowy and the one on top is that of YouOS.) I recently came to know about goowy.com and www.youos.com. They are online operating systems. Yes, online, web-based OS. This does not mean that you will not require a OS on your computer (yet). You will need atleast an […]

The screen billbord. Pixels for Hire!

This is one of the most innovative ad sites ever on the internet. This site has nothing but advertisements, but with a twist. Advertisers are required to hire pixels on the site at $1 per pixel. There are 1 million pixels available. This very much like hiring billboard space; very innovative. Click on the small […]

Access banned sites in colleges.

Colleges have the irritating habit of playing god to their students by blocking harmless sites like Orkut, etc. In our college they have blocked the pictures from Orkut! This is simply outrageous. My friend’s college have gone far enough to block Orkut altogether. I think the college administration need to mature up and accept the […]

Blog ban is over!

Today when I tried to access my blog using the direct url, I could access the blog! The blog ban is over. Later I came to know that it was reported in the newspapers. Well, I am in hostel and I haven’t subscribed to newspapers, so, I didn’t know about it.

Free Blender model released.

I held the release of this model for quite a lomg time becuase I wanted to add an armature (rig it) and material to it. Because of my diversion to other things and time limitation I couldn’t complete it. Nevertheless, below is the screenshot of this model I call – Toon Cow. You can download […]

Blogs Blocked!

This is terrible. Very terrible. Our government has made a blanket ban on popular blogger site, including this, in the wake of terrorist attack in Mumbai. This means I or any fellow Indians cannot view this site (actually this can be accessed by hundreds of trick methods). This has been done due to intelligence report […]