Crazy and cool CPU mods.

See the cool and some really crazy CPU mods. Below are the pictures stolen from ExtremeTech. No, It’s Not a Gumball Machine Computer Bike Waterlogged PC The Videophone Star Mirage: Best of Both Worlds The Wall Crawler PC Spooky Skeleton You Modded My Battleship! Crystal Power Lord Vader, Your Case is Ready I Screen, You […]

Origins of companies.

My mid-sem is on 6th of September. It will be over in a week. I couldn’t help myself against posting this now. This is good info. Read on._______________________________ There are many companies / brands / products whose names were derived from strange circumstances. MercedesThis was actually the financier’s daughter’s name. AdobeThis came from name of […]

No blogging till mid-sem.

Hi, Of late I have not been posting anything. I am not dead but actually I have been (well I am still) quite busy with my brand new laptop – HP Pavilion dv5200TX. Furthermore, our mid-semister exam is due on 6th of September. I am still to know the syllabus. The exam will be over […]

Computer Science is Great – The Proof

In our college there is a general feeling that computer science is a useless, fancy engineering branch, but I beg to disagree. Without us (programmers) the computer is a useless junk. I made this animation video as a proof for that.This video has been made in Blender and edited in Windows Movie Maker. Everything, even […]

I am back!

My college has started. This is the 3rd week of new session. We don’t have decent (rather hard to access) internet facility in our college. I come back to my home every Saturday and hence I can only logon only on Saturday and Sundays (now hopefully on Fridays too). It really sucks, because I can’t […]