Amar’s blog: Making sense of standard deviation

Amar’s blog: Making sense of standard deviation.

Very good blog post which tries to explain the intuitive meaning of Standard Deviation.

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  1. Osher says:

    Hi – I’m trying to get you without any relevance to this post.
    I’m referring your post in Stack Overflow:

    I don’t see the mechanism of Stack-Overflow fit for dialog, and I need some information to understand some things before I can post a reply…

    Is one of the scripts that do not exist any more is HtmlUnit?
    I suspect that the problem is that you take API that you get from HtmlUnit as a part of JavaScript, and when you take them out – you get null-reference on APIs that HtmlUnit provides and is no longer available

    find me at osher.filter (at), and we’ll sort things out 🙂

    • Apple Grew says:

      Sorry. I didn’t get what you meant. Can you please elaborate. And we can continue on StackOverflow. The comment section there is exactly for this kind of conversation.

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