Moved to eApps Cloud hosting.

Looks could be deceiving. While to users and its children (cink and blog) may look the same as before, but under the hood they are running from a new server.

I have moved to eApps cloud based hosting plan from my previous VPS plan. Since for a few cents more I am getting more RAM and the flexibility to increase my hardware capacity in case of too much load.

After some hiccups yesterday, finally it is online and going good. 🙂

4 Responses to “Moved to eApps Cloud hosting.”
  1. Somu says:

    Congrats man…..nice to here about u moved to better platform after having some hurdle..

  2. Scooby says:

    How do u rate eApps cloud service especially their tomcat hosting. I am planning to use their service but dont know how well they function and respond to issues

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