Using pinned self-signed SSL certificate with Android Volley

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8 Responses to “Using pinned self-signed SSL certificate with Android Volley”
  1. Iwan says:


    Thank you for the great tutorial.

    I’ve tried to follow your code, but I get the error Trust anchor for certification path not found.

    The error is returned to my Android application at the onErrorResponse of Volley.

    I still don’t know why.

  2. Dullahan says:

    Hi i’m getting the following error: Hostname ‘’ was not verified Cause: Hostname ‘’ was not verified

    Rading says that i need to use a host name verifier but in the examples people use SSLSocketFactory from apache which has something like:

    final SSLSocketFactory sf = CustomSSLSocketFactory.getSSLSocketFactory(context);

    How can i accomplish this with your code?

  3. Shreya Kotak says:

    How can I know MYKEYSTORE PASSWOED??

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