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Dawn at Dum Dum

Dawn at Dum Dum, a set on Flickr. Till now some of my best nature photography. 🙂

Django-Select2 version 3.1.1 released

Just released Django-Select2‘s version 3.1.1. The key changes are:- Updated Select2 Javascript library to versino 3.2. This new version fixes a lot of bugs, along with providing a high resolution icon image, to be used in Retina displays. In my last release (version 3.0.2) I introduced some new template tags but unfortunately I did not […]

Supported Digital Camera RAW formats in OSX iPhoto 11

OS X Lion: Supported digital camera RAW formats. Simply re-blogging this link since Google search always yields me the list for iPhoto 6. It took me quite a while to find this link.

Pi to One Million Decimal Places

Just found this from Yup that this the source site’s url!

Hack to run on Firefox is State Bank of India’s online share trading portal. This is a good portal but their site’s code quality is amazingly of low quality, dare I say, crappy. SBI being a public sector government institute, we can rest assured that the code quality or bugs in it would not get fixed soon, if ever. […]

SplitBill: IOU manager for and by Geeks

There are hundreds of IOU software on the net. What makes SplitBill different is that it has no UI. Yes, you read that right – No UI. Now the more surprising part. It is a breeze to use and setup. In fact all you need is a sever with Python and MySql installed to host […]

The Emperor’s Old Clothes

This is a republication from ACM’s archive of Prof. C. A. R. Hoare‘s lecture at 1980 ACM Turning Award. Prof. Hoare is popularly known for inventing QuickSort. The original piece can be found as PDF here. The primary reason for republishing this is the source PDF’s fonts. The PDF fonts are too horrible to read. […]

Django-Select2: Select2 for Django

Select2 Select2 is an excellent Javascript framework which transforms mundane <select> fields to cool looking and searchable. This is a very handy when there are quite a number of options to select from. Select2 also allows dynamic fetching of options from server via Ajax. Select2’s webpage has a neat demo of this. Django-Select2 Django includes […]

Our Mobile Planet

Our Mobile Planet. A site supported by Google. We can download helpful charts on mobile usage penetration and behavior. Very helpful for site owners and can help decide if the site needs to have a dedicated mobile website too.

Cocoa with Love: Objective-C’s niche: why it survives in a world of alternatives

Cocoa with Love: Objective-C’s niche: why it survives in a world of alternatives. All Objective-C newbies should read the above (linked) article. It discussed what exactly is “Message Passing” in Objective-C.

Quick bash command to mass rename files in numbered sequence

Just a quick bash command to rename all files in a directory in a numbered sequence. d=0; for i in *.jpg ; do d=$((d+1)); mv {“$i”,”$d.jpg”} ; done This is going to rename all jpg files in the directory to 1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg and so on.

ADF Super Code Snippets

Oracle’s ADF (Application Developer Framework) is J2EE technology stack to rapidly develop enterprise applications. As with all enterprise applications, ADF focuses on data handling and makes it quite easy to present the data to the users in variety of ways. As you will already know that ADF is a blanket term which encompasses many layers […]