Using pinned self-signed SSL certificate with Android Volley

Recently for one of my Android apps I wanted to use a self-signed certificate on the server-side. However, if you try to connect to such a server with default settings, the connection is going to be refused. This is because it has been signed by you (your server domain), and ‘you’ is not trusted by […]

Protected: Bliffoscope – The coding problem

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Find one’s complement of a decimal number.

One’s complement of a binary number (1001_{2}) is (0110_{2}). That is, we simply flip the bits. This is easy to do in binary. However, if the number is in base 10, then do we do that. Convert that to base 2 then flip the bits and change it back to base 2? Maybe, but if […]

Calculate Root of Any Whole Number in Java

The following Java program can find any root of a whole number. The logic is simple. Start by guessing some number and check if that is the correct value. If that overshoots then subtract some from the guess number else add to it. We add or subtract some fixed constant. If that constant is too […]

Java subList() gotcha.

Recently I stumbled upon an issue of stuck thread. The thread seemed to be stuck with stack trace something like the one below:- java.util.SubList$1.nextIndex( java.util.SubList$1.nextIndex( …Repeated 100s of times… java.util.SubList$1.nextIndex( java.util.SubList$1.hasNext( java.util.SubList$ java.util.SubList$ …Again repeated 100s of times… java.util.SubList$ java.util.AbstractList.hashCode( java.util.Collections$UnmodifiableList.hashCode( org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.util.CollectionUtils$DelegatingCollection.hashCode( … My initial reaction was – huh?! Well googling revealed a blog post […]

Struts 1 config file reference documentation

This documentation is just a copy paste of portions of official Struts DTD. As I couldn’t find any easy to find reference on it hence I have put together this just to be easily locatable. The values in [] are default values for that attribute. Top Level Elements:- <struts-config> (the root of the configuration file […]