Skateboard India

This is a short film, shot mostly around Bangalore. Has awesome cinematography.

Tribute to René Magritte

René Magritte was a well known artist. Frankly I didn’t know him before I saw this tribute video. He is well known because of his thought provoking arts. Anyway above is the tribute video. You can find more on him at Wikipedia and on Artsy’s René Magritte page.

CInk version 0.1 preview

For past few weeks I have been on working on this. This has come out to be quite good. The above video shows rendering being done on latest Google Chrome browser. I have tested my code in Chrome and FireFox 5, and it works with reasonable performance. About CInk Sometime back I stumbled upon Aza […]

Java subList() gotcha.

Recently I stumbled upon an issue of stuck thread. The thread seemed to be stuck with stack trace something like the one below:- java.util.SubList$1.nextIndex( java.util.SubList$1.nextIndex( …Repeated 100s of times… java.util.SubList$1.nextIndex( java.util.SubList$1.hasNext( java.util.SubList$ java.util.SubList$ …Again repeated 100s of times… java.util.SubList$ java.util.AbstractList.hashCode( java.util.Collections$UnmodifiableList.hashCode( org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.util.CollectionUtils$DelegatingCollection.hashCode( … My initial reaction was – huh?! Well googling revealed a blog post […]

Computer Science is Great – The Proof

In our college there is a general feeling that computer science is a useless, fancy engineering branch, but I beg to disagree. Without us (programmers) the computer is a useless junk. I made this animation video as a proof for that.This video has been made in Blender and edited in Windows Movie Maker. Everything, even […]