Peach: Big Buck Bunny…. Coming Soon

To download the trailer in HD and other resolutions or find several mirrors, click here Hi Definition streaming version This movie is coming soon near you, and what’s more this movie is completely FREE! You can also get the original source of the movie for free again. This is an Open Source Movie!!! Visit its […]

BackRub: The former Google

Today I sumbled upon this site – Backrub is the former name of Google. On that site you will find an archive of pages from the earliest days of Google. So goto and have a view at the giant’s past. 😀

Get the Wikipedia database!

Wikipedia, possibly world’s largest encyclopedia. It has over 2 million articles. I sometimes shudder at the thought that someday (maybe) if (for some reason) Wikipedia shuts down then what will happen to vast amount of data we have now! Surely, this hears like a dooms day, which we assume it will never ever happen. I […]

Crazy and cool CPU mods.

See the cool and some really crazy CPU mods. Below are the pictures stolen from ExtremeTech. No, It’s Not a Gumball Machine Computer Bike Waterlogged PC The Videophone Star Mirage: Best of Both Worlds The Wall Crawler PC Spooky Skeleton You Modded My Battleship! Crystal Power Lord Vader, Your Case is Ready I Screen, You […]

This is really cute. Flower Puppies.

Flower Puppies

Pics for Laughs.

It seems the cow has some tastes for dogs. Quack-Highness Royal Bengal Tiger. Is McDonald responsible for it? “Who is that, with wierd hairs?” “There u r.” Cross Atlantic Cruisers. “It’s just a bad hair day” “The coast is clear.” Cross breed-ed? “No I won’t go with u. I will stay at home.” “Hey sis. […]