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Your pen drive bigger than 4GB?

Do you know that pen drives are formatted in FAT32? Do you know that maximum file size supported by FAT32 is 4GB? Did you ever try to copy files bigger than 4GB in your pen drive, only to be confronted by some error? Today we have pen drives of 8GB, 32GB and more capacity ones […]

Winning picture of Blender F1 Challenge

  This is the winning picture of the Blender F1 Challenge. Goto to view all the pictures. Ah, I wish to make such good 3d renders someday. 

Spot the people in the picture.

Microsoft Staff – 1978 How many people can you spot in this picture? Write in the comment. Let me pick-out the obvious one – Bill Gates.

Crazy Frog CHAMPIONS Mondial 2006 – Music Video

This is a Crazy Frog Video – CHAMPIONS Mondial 2006.It’s a lovely song. Check this out.

How to drive and some more on NFS.

If my friends see me giving advice on playing games then may laugh off their beds. Actually I am not much of a gamer, but I do love racing games. NFS is the best, but the recent Most Wanted Black Edition was verrrrrry tough to play. One or two bangs here and there and bye-bye […]