• Wifi STB Remote+ (JAVA) for laptop and desktops

    My Android App Wifi STB Remote+, which works as a remote for TataSky+ HD Settop boxes, now has a laptop/desktop counterpart. This application is built over Java and packaged as a Jar file. (Download link below.) So, Java (JRE 8 or JDK 8) needs to be installed on the computer where you want to run […]

  • Important Javascript Fundamentals for OOP Developers

    In this guide I have tried to put together all important nuts and bolts of Javascript. I had a really hard time learning JS, since all these parts were scattered over the net. I gradually found them over the years. I hope I have covered all of them. Please let me know in the comments […]

  • Lessons learned from PhoneGap (Cordova) and jQueryMobile on Android

    I recently created my first Android app – JustTodo. This is a simple app but took considerable time to finish due many unexpected problems. Google wasn’t too helpful either. Here is a list of issues I faced and their solutions I discovered. General tips Zooming and Scaling I presume that you have already encountered suggestions […]

  • The Emperor’s Old Clothes

    This is a republication from ACM’s archive of Prof. C. A. R. Hoare‘s lecture at 1980 ACM Turning Award. Prof. Hoare is popularly known for inventing QuickSort. The original piece can be found as PDF here. The primary reason for republishing this is the source PDF’s fonts. The PDF fonts are too horrible to read. […]

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Blogs Blocked!

This is terrible. Very terrible. Our government has made a blanket ban on popular blogger site, including this, in the wake of terrorist attack in Mumbai. This means I or any fellow Indians cannot view this site (actually this can be accessed by hundreds of trick methods). This has been done due to intelligence report […]

Google Services Unearthed. (Updated 6 Oct 06)

I had kept it on hold for a long time. While browsing through internet or in magazines I stumbled upon some of these nice services of Google. Many of them have been unearthed by me using a simple trick of mine. 😉 This is a comprehensive list of them. Well without any delay browse through […]

History Lesson: Abrham Lincoln and Jhon F. Kennedy (This is freaking)

I got this mail today. I couldn’t confirm this is true or not but it is fun to read. Abraham Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846.John F. Kennedy was elected to Congress in 1946. Abraham Lincoln was elected President in 1860.John F. Kennedy was elected President in 1960. Both were particularly concerned with civil […]

Blender 2.42 released.

For a list of all the great features in this new version click on the title of this post. To download blender goto blender3d.org. If you don’t know what is blender then read this. Update: I should have included these links also for the lazy bones like me. Here are the direct links to all […]

Winning picture of Blender F1 Challenge

  This is the winning picture of the Blender F1 Challenge. Goto http://www.seesystems.com/f1 to view all the pictures. Ah, I wish to make such good 3d renders someday.