I am not the one who goes out a lot, but likes to know about the outside a lot. Likes to make friends, well have lots of them, fortunately. Loves programming, well ‘am still learning.

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  1. Rahul Avatar

    Went through your site… It gives me ample of information as I am a programmer my self.

    Would really like to learn more and share through this portal.

  2. Mark@ Online Event Registration Avatar

    Hi I am in the process to modify our online event registration company. I need a bit of technical help as i prefer to switch over to PHP mode. can you help?

    1. Apple Grew Avatar

      I can. Depends on how much effort is needed, as I am already preoccupied. You can mail me the details to gmail ( at ) applegrew.com.

      1. neeraj Avatar


        I need to upgrade my website with better features.. and easy to read…….

        Its on Joomla 1.5 .. i want to upgrade it to Joomla 1.6 or some other platform…..

        can u guide me which is the best.. and how to go about the same… can u also suggest me a server..



        1. Apple Grew Avatar

          If the site contains lots of information and serves as some kind of information portal then CMS softwares like Joomla is best suite. If it is more blog oriented then definitely WordPress (this site runs on this). Guide to migrate from Joomla 1.5 to 1.6 should be available on the net.

  3. priyanka deb Avatar
    priyanka deb

    Dada, although evrything on this page is hebrew and greek to me, am so happy its such a popular page!!!
    proud of u big bro!!!! great going 🙂

    1. Apple Grew Avatar

      Thanks, sis. 🙂

  4. Abhishek Simon Avatar
    Abhishek Simon

    Great job Niru! Site looks good

  5. Steve Avatar


    I found this old http://jsfiddle.net/uhAEA/1/ you posted on stackoverflow.
    Can you please take a moment and tell me how to fix the first for..loop curly braces in the #trigger function because they’re missing.



    1. Nirupam Biswas Avatar

      I don’t think anything is missing there. That is a working code.

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