Blogs Blocked!

This is terrible. Very terrible. Our government has made a blanket ban on popular blogger site, including this, in the wake of terrorist attack in Mumbai. This means I or any fellow Indians cannot view this site (actually this can be accessed by hundreds of trick methods). This has been done due to intelligence report that terrorists are using blogs for coordinating attacks. If banning innocent blogs did help in curbing terrorists acts then I would had been with the Government, but, unfortunately this is not the case; bans can be by-passed. Furthermore, there are hundreds of other ways, other than the blogs. This looks like a desperate attempt by the Government. I only hope that they don’t ban the internet altogether.

This is not a good news India.

For news reports on Blog banning goto:-
1) ndtv

Goto for record of gradual unfolding of this ban drama.

A new forum has been created to protest the banning of innocent blogs by the Indian Government at (Register your protest here)

Update: If you are accessing this from India using the then you may have problem seeing the pictures. At least I am having problems. Sometimes they show-up sometimes only a blank bar instead of the picture is visible.

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