Free Gmail Invitation.

Veeery old post. Irrelevant now.

What to get free Gmail invitation? Then use this link here. Note: I think it can be used only once, after that it will become invalid. I have just posted this link for checking an idea of mine. The concept is simple. I invite myself. I copy the link given there and I just post that link. Now anyone can use that link to create his/her GMail account. If anyone does this successfully then post a comment.

If u r generous enough then use this method to post ur invitations in the comments section.

Update:The invitation link (above) has been used up. Please any generous person donate invitations here. Here is another invite from me.

Update(21-07-06): Another Invite from me.

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  1. ya,that link worked. thnx nirupam…
    anybody else wantin the invite
    can go2 here .
    non gmail users using orkut beware.
    ur orkut user ids and passwords will b changed 2 the id/psswrd u choose in this registration. it happened 2 me.


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