Setting movie brightness etc. when these settings are not available in the media player.

Today I saw a movie. I had copied the full DVD to the hard disk because my PC had trouble reading it. I clicked on the .ifo file but PowerDVD failed to open it, same thing with VideoLAN, then I found refute in Media Player Classic. It played it exactly as if it were being played from the DVD itself, but there was a problem – the picture was too dark to see. My monitor’s brightness settings and contrasts were already 100%, now how do I increase its damn brightness, Media Player Classic doesn’t have any such brightness control feature as VLC or PowerDVD has. Idea!

Why not use Intel Graphics Controller Properties? This thing is only available for computers with Intel made motherboards. This tool may not be available even on ur Intel made motherboard comp if ur comp is quite dated. Search Intel’s website.

Now, open Control Panel and double click on Intel(R) Extreme Graphics. This will open the above mentioned dialog.

U can alternatively open it by right clicking on an empty area on ur desktop then navigate to Graphics Options and then to Graphics Properties.

If u can’t see Graphics Options then click on Properties on that menu. Then on Settings tab. Click Advanced button. Now click on Intel(R) Extreme Graphics tab in the newly opened dialog box. Click on Graphics Properties .

Now u r there. Click on Color tab. See here the Brightness and Contrasts sliders? There u r, but wait….If u drag these sliders then u affect the whole screen. Wouldn’t it be nice if could just set these values for the movie only? Yes u can! Just look on that page. Click on Video Overlay option. There, now u have another option, Saturation, available. Now there u r. Don’t forget to cick on Ok. Click on Restore Defaults if u want to goto the default values.

It is recommended that u open the movie while changing the settings. This way u will know how much to move the sliders.

It would had been really nice if we were allowed to save them as schemes. I don’t understand why on earth do they disable the Save as Scheme button for Video Overlay.

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