Fixing – won’t publish ur posts sent from ur mail or other such remote locations.

For past few months all my posts sent remotely (eg. sent from by email, Google Video or Digg) were being saved as drafts and not published. I had the Publish option turned on even then. I informed help desk about it, but as usual they never responded.

Well now it turns out that their bot had actually flagged my blog as a ‘spam blog’. (Click here to read what a spam blog is.) The solution is to go to the following url

replace x by your blog’s ID. To know what is your blog’s ID. Login to your account and click on the concerned blog’s name. See the address box of your browser it will contain something like

There will be a number instead of x. This is your blog’s ID.

When you are at that page then the page will guide you from there. Happy blogging!

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