Making folders invisible in Windows – The easy way.

My friend Kaustubh suggested an ingenious way hiding your folders in Windows. The method is easy to follow for any user. I have modified it a bit to make the folder completely disappear. It will be right in front of you but u will not be able to located it, unless you have been told that there is a folder there. See below for example.

Locate the folder in the screenshot below.

Did u find it? See below.

Now did u find it? U can open the folder like any ordinary folder, i.e. by double-clicking it.

The method:-
1) First rename the folder. (Right-click on the folder and choose ‘rename’ or select the folder and just press F2 on ur keyboard.) You must rename the folder to blank but Windows doesn’t allow you to name your files or folders just blank. Hence u need to name ur folder with a character which appears to be blank but it is not a blank. Confused? Well just follow me.
a) Select the folder and press F2 on your keyboard.
b) Make sure NumLock of your keyboard is on. (You do this by making sure that the LED corresponding to your NumLock is glowing).
c) Now press Alt on your keyboard and while keeping it pressed, type 255 on your NumPad. NOTE: You must use the number keys on your NumPad to type in 255 not the number keys on the top row of the alphabet keys.
d) Now press Enter key on your keyboard.

2) Now after making the file name to disappear, it is time to make the icon disappear.
a) Right click on that folder and then left click on Properties.
b) Now left click on Customize.
c) Left click on Change Icon button.
d) A new dialog will pop-up. Scroll the icons list and choose the blank icon. (There are 4 blank icons.) Refer the picture below.

e) Now click on OK. Click on OK in the following dialog too.

Now u have an invisible folder! Enjoy!

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