You can download all your data from Facebook.

I don’t know how long its been up, but today I noticed that Facebook allows you to download all your data.

The download archive will have:-

  • Any photos or videos you’ve shared on Facebook.
  • Your Wall posts, messages and chat conversations.
  • Your friends’ names and their email addresses (if they have shared it).

What the archive won’t have are:-

  • Your friends’ photos and status updates.
  • Other people’s personal info.
  • Comments you’ve made on other people’s posts.

To download your own archive goto Account Settings and click on the link “Download a copy”. This is shown with a red box around it in the screen shot below.  (Click on the image to get the bigger picture.)

Download a copy link (Screen shot)

Clicking this link will take you to a page where need to click the “Start Archive” button. Since archiving takes time, so FB will mail you when archiving is complete.

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