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Dawn at Dum Dum

Madhabi Lata PhoolMadhabi Lata PhoolMadhabi Lata PhoolPink RosePink RoseDhundhol Phool
Dhundhol PhoolDhundhol PhoolVine CurlsVine CurlsUnknown flowerMorok Phool
Morok PhoolMorok PhoolGrandpaGreen dirt and blissWild CatJoba Phool

Dawn at Dum Dum, a set on Flickr.

Till now some of my best nature photography. 🙂

By Nirupam Biswas

I am not the one who goes out a lot, but likes to know about the outside a lot. Likes to make friends, well have lots of them, fortunately. Loves programming, well ‘am still learning.

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