Applying for Mutation of resale property in Hyderabad

Typically for buying a resale flat you goto the Registration Office which transfers the title to your name from previous owner. This process is known as Registration. However, you also need to update Municipal records. This will ensure the next Property Tax demand slip is generated in your name and not previous owner. This process is known as Mutation.

As per information online the Mutation process is automatically kicked off when you do the Registration. In fact the Registration Office do collect the fees of Mutation at that time.

In my case however, after waiting for many months nothing happened and then I raised grievance with GHMC. After about a month I got reply from GHMC that I needed to submit some documents to kick off the Mutation process! I did not know about that. The internet was silent on this. The Registration Office also did not say anything like this while collecting the fees for Mutation. This post is to bring awareness about it and help hapless citizens like me.

You will need the following documents :

  • Your Sale Deed copy. All pages of this needs to be notarised or attested by a Gazetted Officer.
  • The previous owner’s Sale Deed copy. All pages of this needs to be notarised or attested by a Gazetted Officer.
  • Last Property Tax paid receipt copy.
  • Copy of DD which was used to pay Mutation fees.
  • Copy of challan copy of Registration fees.
  • One Rs. 20 Stamp Paper. (Higher denomination Stamp Paper will also do if not available.)
  • One Rs. 50 Stamp Paper.
  • If the property was registered more than three months back then you goto Registration Office again and get the current market valuation certificate of your property. If the market valuation has increased then you will need to prepare a DD for Mutation fees of the difference amount.
  • You will also need EC (Encumbrance Certificate) from Registration Office or MeeSeva for your property.

One Stamp paper was left empty and I forgot what was printed on the other one. The notary guy will know what to print. Let him know it is for Mutation application.

You will then need submit these documents at GHMC office’s Mutation section along with a filled up form which you will get there.

Below is the location of the municipality office at Chandanagar. The Mutation section there is on the first floor. Goto first floor then from stairs take left. Go in and straight in. At the end goto the corner office at right. There should be a paper label marking the Mutation section. The main official in-charge sits right at the room’s entrance. Nice guy. If all documents are in order then it is a 10mins job.

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