My passport has gone for police verification. What’s next?

The obvious answer is that wait for the local police station to call you. However, for how long and how to track its progress? I am here to throw some light on that.

Even if you have opted for SMS and email updates, passport department seldom sends any updates. The best source of finer status updates is login into their official portal from where you filled and submitted the application. Choose the same login and select the submitted application. You will notice an option to track status.

While it is with the local police for verification, the status here will say something like – It is sent for physical verification at XYZ station, and might take around three weeks. If you live in Hyderabad’s Cyberabad area then you can also track progress on the police side from

This will provide info if they have received the request for processing or not. In our case we got a call from Cyberabad police after two days and then they came to our home for physical verification. They simply asked for the passport application form and related docs, and of course they physically met the applicant. Next day on the same portal we got info from the same portal that it has been processed by them and the report has been sent to RPO (Regional Passport Office). It does not specify the kind of report they have sent – Clear or Adverse. Adverse is bad, and might result into application rejection.

In a day or two the status on passport site should then change to something like – Report from XYZ police is under review at the RPO and if found clear, the passport would be sent for printing.

Finally after two three days if it updates to say something like – The passport has been sent for printing, then congratulations the police had sent clear report and your passport has been approved. After few more days again the new passport number and the Speed Post tracking number should be listed. At this point of time you should also receive an SMS for the same. In total the whole process took around 10 days.

If during this entire process if it looks like the process has got stuck somewhere, schedule an appointment for enquiry at the PSK from the official passport portal. All the best!

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