My Mugshot

Hi! This my first post in my brand new blog. As u can see this is me, but this picture is of mine 3d-Model …..

…Well I lied. This has been done in Photoshop. Let me give u a short stroll through, of how I did it.

It is a simple technique, requiring just a little knowledge of Layers and its blending options and a some creativity.

I 1st took a picture of mine. Yes, this has been made just by painting over that pic. This pic has been kept at the background (layer). Now created a new layer and started painting ruthlessly over the cheeks and noses etc. U can sample the violence of this step in Pic step 1.

Pic step 1: See what I said?
I have blown off my nose,
eyes and mouth!
Now create another layer over it. Now please paint ur eyebrows and eyeballs. U look horrible without them. See Pic step 2. Step 3 is painting ur lips. I have painted them on another layer, though this is not necessary. Now u get the picture shown in Pic step 3. Now to make it look some real. For step 4, add a new layer between the layers of the skin and eyebrow; i.e. between the layers u created for steps 1 and 2. Copy ur face from the background layer (which has the real picture). Set the Blend mode of this layer to Luminosity and decrease the Opacity till u r satisfied (53% worked for me). Note, I copied only the face and not the body or the background. This was done since I didn’t want the other portions of picture to vary.

Pic step 2

There are few points u can keep in mind. The colours for say my skin, lips, etc. were not chosen randomly, but were picked from the respective potions of the actual picture using Eyedropper tool. Also note that I have painted over my hairs too (see Pic step2). To remove the reflections and make it look more unreal. I also created a layer, where I painted colours picked from my sweater and collars. I decreased its opacity. This was done to remove the texture of the clothe.

Pic step 3

I hope u like this. I actually read somewhere on internet ways to make toonish picture of using ur real picture. That method was quite simple but not flexible. I got the idea there and
created my own method.

…Do post links to ur pics here….and do
comment, how u liked it…bye.