Is Gmail safe?

Recently I came to know about a Gmail ‘feature’. See here. If u have an email ID as then it is same as or Point is that Gmail simply ignores the dots. Hence for all the metioned cases, Gmail sees them as only Now if I create an account then I can get all the mails receives. A big threat to his privacy. But there is catch. While creating Gmail accounts, it ignores the dots then also. Hence I can’t create when already exists, and the threat is taken care of.
But I got a jolt, when I was contacted by a person using Gmail to stop sending mail to him, but he was not in my contact list! Further investigation revealed that his ID is the same as that of my friend’s, but, different only by the lack and presence of a dot in their IDs. This should not have happned. I tried creating such a ‘sibling’ ID of my ID, but I failed. I don’t know what caused this faux pas, but I hope Google fixes this up soon.

If u figure out what caused the creation of such ‘sibling’ IDs then do post a comment here.

Update: Google help desk has assured after investigation that the dotted ID is not my friend’s as I claimed, but it too belongs to the stranger. I have been advised to contact my friend for comfirmation. I will ask him.

Free Gmail Invitation.

Veeery old post. Irrelevant now.

What to get free Gmail invitation? Then use this link here. Note: I think it can be used only once, after that it will become invalid. I have just posted this link for checking an idea of mine. The concept is simple. I invite myself. I copy the link given there and I just post that link. Now anyone can use that link to create his/her GMail account. If anyone does this successfully then post a comment.

If u r generous enough then use this method to post ur invitations in the comments section.

Update:The invitation link (above) has been used up. Please any generous person donate invitations here. Here is another invite from me.

Update(21-07-06): Another Invite from me.