Dataone – BSNL Broadband: Common problems and quick fixes.

I am a BSNL Dataone user and as any BSNL user knows that in case of problem u can turn towards BSNL for help. So, I guess I should help fellow users to let know the solutions to common problems I faced or face.

problem When trying to dial and connect to BSNL you get Error 678 – Remote computer is not responding.
sol Make sure that the link light of your modem (actually router) is ON (green). If not then wait for about 2 mins. If still not contact ur BSNL local exchange.

If the link light is lit happily then make sure the router is connected to ur computer. Now turn OFF the router. And now turn it ON. Wait for link light to turn ON. Now try. It should connect now.

problem I get Invalid Username or Password and I am pretty sure that they r correct.
sol Nothing. It happened to me sometimes. Just keep redialing.

problem The check usage site doesn’t open.
sol Then goto alternative portals of the same site. Try any one of the followings.

problem Connection gets lost after a power cut though u r using an UPS.
sol My router (Huawei MT882) has this problem. The reason I guess is that it is extremely sensitive to slight distruption of power which happens when online UPSs switch to battery mode from AC mode. So, getting an offline UPS may help.

The Grid Life today reported about a unique project in which a program simulates the struggle to live on shared and limited resources. Though this concept is not new but the way it is being represented is new. Alongside is a screenshot from the video. Get a full description and download link by clicking the title of this blog post.

Importing iTunes playlist ino Winamp, Windows Media Player or any other player.

I don’t like iTunes much, but I still use it, to syncronise my iPod Shuffle. I have hand-picked the songs on my harddrive and created a playlist in iTunes, which I sync with my iPod. The problem is, due to iTunes’ inability to save its playlist in anything but a cryptic XML or text format, it cannot be imported into any other player. I have now chanced upon a simple method to do that.

Open your intended target player (e.g. Winamp). Select all the songs in iTunes that you want to add to target player’s playlist (press Ctrl+A after clicking on any song entry in iTunes, to select all the songs). Now left click on any of the selected song in iTune and drag (while keeping your mouse button still pressed) to the playlist of the target player. Now all these songs have been added there!

Convert any exe file to assembly language.

If you have MS Visual Studio C++ 6.0 installed in your system then you have an exe to assembly language converter. This is named DUMPBIN.exe. You can find this awesome utility at Microsoft Visual Studio\VC98\Bin folder. If you had chosen the default location then you will find this Microsoft Visual Studio folder in C:\Program Files.

To disassemble suppose The_EXE_File_Here.exe then copy it to that folder and open CMD (by typing cmd in Run… under Start Menu). Now use CD “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VC98\Bin” to goto that folder. Now type in

dumpbin /disasm /out:Disassembled.txt The_EXE_File_Here.exe

The disassembled code will be stored in Disassembled.txt in that folder.

It has still more features.

1) Use the command

dumpbin /imports /out:TheImportsList.txt The_EXE_File_Here.exe

to get a list of dll files The_EXE_File_Here.exe depends on. The list will also have the names of all the callable functions in those dlls. To get the list of the dlls ONLY the use /dependents instead of /imports.

2) Use the command

dumpbin /headers /out:HeadersInfo.txt The_EXE_File_Here.exe

This will print all the details about The_EXE_File_Here.exe‘s internals like the no. of sections it has, checksum, etc. and many statistics on the exe file.

3) Use the command

dumpbin /rawdata /out:RawDump.txt The_EXE_File_Here.exe

It will print the full code in binary along with ascii translations.

4) To get know about all the switches use

dumpbin /?