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  • RunPage tech overview: AWS Textract integration

    RunPage now supports two new APIs As their name suggest they can convert any provided image or Pdf files and use AI to extract Danfo DataFrames from them! Checkout below for a demo of it: AWS Textract The AI intelligence is provided by Amazon Web Service’s Textract service. This service accepts image and Pdf binary […]

  • RunPage tech overview: Danfo.js integration

    In my previous post – RunPage tech overview: JS Sandboxing, I discussed how I handled client-side sandboxing of script-block codes. Here I will describe how Danfo.js was integrated into RunPage API. Why integrate Danfo.js? Relational DB is quite popular because it allows us to query for variety of information by use of SQL statements. It […]

  • RunPage tech overview: JS Sandboxing

    In this post I will explain how RunPage runs the sandboxed Javascript code in your browser. How the sandboxing works It achieves sandboxing by running the provided code inside a dedicated Web Worker. The worker first instantiates a constructor of Async function using the following code. This constructor is used to a create an async […]

  • Deep dive into new tax regime of Budget 2020

    Budget 2020 is a mixed bag and for the first time it provides the option to choose your tax slab. You have two slabs to choose from. The well understood old one and the new one. New one offers lower tax slabs but without any deductions (except for select few like 80CCD(2)). There is nothing […]

  • Calculating Amortisation Schedule of your loans

    Be it home loan, car loan or any other loans; they all have same style of calculation. These calculations are non-trivial and it becomes more complicated if you are going to make some prepayments. To make it all too easy I have built an app to do all the hard work for you. You will […]

  • Displaying a DOM while dragging

    First check out the demo below. See the Pen EKeVXZ by Nirupam (@applegrew) on CodePen. There are no drop targets so you won’t be able to drop it anywhere. Code for this directive can be seen on The basic trick applied by agDragDom, is setting a one pixel transparent gif as the drag image. […]