Access banned sites in colleges.

Colleges have the irritating habit of playing god to their students by blocking harmless sites like Orkut, etc. In our college they have blocked the pictures from Orkut! This is simply outrageous. My friend’s college have gone far enough to block Orkut altogether. I think the college administration need to mature up and accept the fact that we ourselves are mature enough.

So, proxy servers are our salvation. Goto wikipedia to know what a proxy server is. is a popular one and maybe it is already blocked. is one site which lists about 10,000 proxy servers and even notifies whether the site is up and fast or up but slow or status not known by green, yellow and no colour respectively. Just type in the url (include http:// also) and click on the proxy server you want to use. Note that some of these listed servers may ask for money to access some sites. Click on Back and try out any other servers.

In case your college has even blocked then here are some of the proxies from the list there. I have tested them that they open Orkut successfully.

If you are geeky enough then try TOR with Privoxy. It is a software to setup proxy server on your computer. It is very difficult (if not impossible) to track you on the Internet. To know how to set it up using Firefox and from where to download all the required softwares goto

For geeks:-
I don’t know specifically if Tor will allow you to access banned sites or not. For this purpose you need tunneling softwares.
1) See a list of free tunneling softwares at .

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