The screen billbord. Pixels for Hire!

This is one of the most innovative ad sites ever on the internet. This site has nothing but advertisements, but with a twist. Advertisers are required to hire pixels on the site at $1 per pixel. There are 1 million pixels available. This very much like hiring billboard space; very innovative. Click on the small ads to goto the advertising company. See for yourself. The site is He has already sold out all his million pixels, that means, he is a millionaire! Hats off; you deserve it for this splendid idea.

Below is a small frame showing the site.

Update: I have now found that this kind of advertising has now come to known as “pixel ad”. Google for this term and you will get so many such sites. I beleive that is the original pixel advertising site. I read about this in a computer magazine long ago. If you have any more info on this then post a comment.

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