AppleGrew Apple Grew.

My friends and kinsmen sometimes ask me from where did I get this weird name – Apple Grew? Well I too don’t remember, maybe the Apple thing came to my mind from the Apple Computers and Grew? Maybe from the fact that apple grows! What has hooked me on to this alias is the uniqueness of it. Sample this. Type applegrew (don’t put space between apple and grew) in Google and search it. Almost all the search results (total of 53 when I searched) including the 1st result, turned out to be me! Only about 4-5 results (out of 53) didn’t relate to me.

Come-on search the net for ur name. See how many of them relate to u. It is recommended that u use quotes around ur name. I would like to hear from u, how much results were related to u. Do u know what this kind of search is called? It is called ego-searching. It is the searching the internet about yourself to access your popularity. There is yet another place to pamper ur ego. Goto Google Trends . Here u can get the statistics on how many times a particular keyword (it could be ur name) has been searched for in Google and from where. It gives year-wise and region-wise break-up.

U didn’t knew about Google Trends? Well there are many more goodies available from Google. Google is more than a search engine. Keep a watch here (subscribe to feed here) for my post enlisting the dug out Google services u may not know of.

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