Convert any exe file to assembly language.

If you have MS Visual Studio C++ 6.0 installed in your system then you have an exe to assembly language converter. This is named DUMPBIN.exe. You can find this awesome utility at Microsoft Visual Studio\VC98\Bin folder. If you had chosen the default location then you will find this Microsoft Visual Studio folder in C:\Program Files.

To disassemble suppose The_EXE_File_Here.exe then copy it to that folder and open CMD (by typing cmd in Run… under Start Menu). Now use CD “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VC98\Bin” to goto that folder. Now type in

dumpbin /disasm /out:Disassembled.txt The_EXE_File_Here.exe

The disassembled code will be stored in Disassembled.txt in that folder.

It has still more features.

1) Use the command

dumpbin /imports /out:TheImportsList.txt The_EXE_File_Here.exe

to get a list of dll files The_EXE_File_Here.exe depends on. The list will also have the names of all the callable functions in those dlls. To get the list of the dlls ONLY the use /dependents instead of /imports.

2) Use the command

dumpbin /headers /out:HeadersInfo.txt The_EXE_File_Here.exe

This will print all the details about The_EXE_File_Here.exe‘s internals like the no. of sections it has, checksum, etc. and many statistics on the exe file.

3) Use the command

dumpbin /rawdata /out:RawDump.txt The_EXE_File_Here.exe

It will print the full code in binary along with ascii translations.

4) To get know about all the switches use

dumpbin /?


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