Uploaded two projects on Sourceforge.net

A few days ago I uplaoded two projects on Sourceforge.net (world’s largest open source programs’ repository). They are LANSim and AG’s Library Manager.


(Update: This has now been uploaded to Github – https://github.com/applegrew/lansim. Please download or fork it from there.)

This is a network simulator. This is meant to be user friendly as well as feature rich. This field lacks software with good user interface. Even the commercial softwares in this field is quite lame. This aimed to go along Multisim(R) and Blender(R) form.


Homepage: lansim.sourceforge.net
SF site: sourceforge.net/projects/lansim


1) Rohit Singh
2) Dhiraj Prakrash
3) and me.

AG’s Libray Manager

This a versatile library manager made in Java. It requires MySql at backend to store the database. This is not made to function only as a library manager but can be used in many places like CD rental shops etc. It has the feature to export the result to Microsoft Excel format. It can also import from there (but there isn’t any easy way to do so currently). The number of fields of information you want to store for your items can be customised by changing the MySQL table structure (Currently there isn’t any easy way to do so).


Homepage: libmanager.sourceforge.net
SF site: sourceforge.net/projects/libmanager




      1. “there type
        java -cp .:../lib/liquidlnf.jar ui.main.ApplicationManager”

        what do you mean by dots before “lib”


        1. thanks, i got readme file
          but , i couldn’t see any nodes

          module.Hub.HubButton: Hub Button not found using deafult one.
          module.Node.NodeButton: Node Button not found using deafult one.
          module.Pc.PcButton: Pc Button not found using deafult one.
          module.Router.RouterButton: Router Button not found using deafult one.

          these are the messages , i got from cmd


        2. First . means current directory. ../lib/ means go back to parent to parent of current directory then find directory – lib.

          Can you please post further questions and issues on Github? That is a far better place for discussion.


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