Find the number of lines of code your project has.

After completing a big and satisfying project you may want to collect various stats about your project. One of them is the total number of lines of code your project has. As with all big projects it will probably have large number of files tucked into various directories and sub-directories and sub-sub-directories,…. you get the idea; this is very tedious to do manually.

In Linux you have a cool trick to do just that! Run the following in the directory with contains your source code.

find . -type f -exec cat ‘{}’ \;|wc -l

If the directory also contains files other than the source code, e.g. .class files along with .java files, then you can ask find to choose files with a particular pattern using the following command

find . -type f -iname “*.java” -exec cat ‘{}’ \;|wc -l

The above command will choose only .java files.

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