It’s all Arranged

Of late I have seen many friends, who happened to be females, get engaged or in the process of getting engaged pretty soon. All have many things in common. They are independent and like it to remain that way. They are educated and earn for themselves. They have friends, both men and women. All these things they all want to let it remain that way, but unfortunately they are women.

Women need to change families after marriage. Embrace completely new family and are supposed to do it their way. So, there is no guarantee that the above things they love, will remain that way. There are hell lot of unknowns involved. Obviously, so, I have seen them develop cold feet about this whole arranged marriage thing. How on earth will somebody be able to tell if the prospective other half, who in this case is a male and the dominant factor in the whole equation, will be the just right person for the prospective bride, in just an hour of meeting with all the elders hovering around! I need few months just to make the right kind of friends! This is a lot of pressure. This causes a lot of anxiety. I have seen anxieties like – what if I have to give up my job or what if I have to let go of my friends, etc. The anxiety is also on the part of the friends, who may end up loosing contact with a good friend in the process.

This is all too thorny picture. The good thing is that somehow people end up knowing that the other person is just the right one. Hope this proves to be true for everyone. All the best.

PS. This is a girls perspective. I somehow can’t imagine a guy’s perspective about arranged marriage. I guess from a guy’s perspective the only three unknowns they need to look for are – that the girl is pretty, good natured and has good family background.

Router settings for TATA Indicom Broadband connection.

I have a Netgear ADSL Wifi router. The router provided to me by TATA Indicom was below par so I decided to use my router. Below are the settings you need to configure your router. Note that you need a router with ADSL modem (like my Netgear DG834G).

Multiplexing method: LLC-Based
DSL Mode: ADSL2+
VPI: 0
VCI: 32
Encapsulation: PPPoE (Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet)
Login: (e.g., check the receipt given to you for your email ID)
Password: (default is reset123)
That’s it. These the critical values you need. Particularly if you set VPI and VCI values to anything but the ones listed above then you will not be able to connect to the net.
Happy surfing!
PS: If your plan provides static IP address then chances are that you will be using completely different protocol, e.g. maybe MER (MAC Encapsulated Routing) instead of PPPoE. In that case the above giude is not useful for you.