New (possible) social engineering attack using forums.

First a disclaimer: I am not 100% sure if the incident that I am about to mention was really a social engineering attack to steal my email id. The attacker introduced himself as Osher. Osher if your intentions were really good then do let me know and I sincerely apologies.

The incident

Refer to the comment posted by some guy Osher on my post ‘Making sense of standard deviation‘. I had asked one question in the StackOverflow forum, to which he replied on my forum! his repose read funny.

Hi – I’m trying to get you without any relevance to this post.
I’m referring your post in Stack Overflow:

I don’t see the mechanism of Stack-Overflow fit for dialog, and I need some information to understand some things before I can post a reply…

Is one of the scripts that do not exist any more is HtmlUnit?
I suspect that the problem is that you take API that you get from HtmlUnit as a part of JavaScript, and when you take them out – you get null-reference on APIs that HtmlUnit provides and is no longer available

find me at osher.filter (at), and we’ll sort things out 🙂

If you read his reply then it doesn’t make any sense. Furthermore StackOverflow has comment section for discussing stuffs. You need not reply in anybody’s forum. My StackOverflow account has my blog address, so it wasn’t hard to guess how he came here. My guess is that he wanted to harvest my email for spam, so I replied to him by posting via my forum. After that I never heard from him.

So, friends beware on the net!

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