Year: 2019

  • ServiceNow: Setting up Zoom with Notify

    Disclaimer: The information presented here is unofficial and is not endorsed or supported by ServiceNow. This has been published here in good faith that it can help someone. First ensure that you are at least on New York release Patch 1 and Notify is installed there (ref). Next you need to install two Store apps […]

  • Applying for Mutation of resale property in Hyderabad

    Typically for buying a resale flat you goto the Registration Office which transfers the title to your name from previous owner. This process is known as Registration. However, you also need to update Municipal records. This will ensure the next Property Tax demand slip is generated in your name and not previous owner. This process […]

  • Calculating Amortisation Schedule of your loans

    Be it home loan, car loan or any other loans; they all have same style of calculation. These calculations are non-trivial and it becomes more complicated if you are going to make some prepayments. To make it all too easy I have built an app to do all the hard work for you. You will […]