Downloading Certified Copy of your sale deed in Telangana

If you received a SMS from Telangana registration department, similar to the one below :-

Please collect your Document No:____, year:____ Dated _______ From SRO xxxxxx,Telangana between 10:30AM and 05:00PM on any working day. Visit website to download Certified Copy of document using your registered Mobile No. and Security Code: xxxxxx. In case of any issues please call IGRS Helpdesk no. 18005994788

Then the first thing you would want to do is download the certified copy. As per instructions here you need to goto then click on Certified Copy button there.

Get certified copy of your registered document like Sale Deed.

After this you will be required to create an account and login there. Which is big pain in the a*s. Here I will give you a way to bypass all that.

Below is a simple form, just click that and it will take you to the Telangana government’s portal where you need to provide your mobile number (where you received the above SMS) and the Security Code sent to you in that SMS. Clicking the below button will launch the government’s portal in a new tab.

If you are still reading, means that you have not clicked above and are worried about possible hacks stealing your passwords. These worries are very real and hence I will explain here what is going on in the button above. You can also inspect the button’s code in your browser as well.

   <title>Signed Copy Download Launcher</title>
   <form action="" method="POST" target="_blank">
      <input type="hidden" name="ccType" value="CITIZEN" />
      <input type="submit" value="Go" />

The code is simple. It just makes a POST call wit ccType=CITIZEN as form data. You can also save the above code as html page and click the button there.


  1. You are awesome. Even after registering on the portal, clicking on “download certified copy” asks you to enter the security code (that was receivedon SM), but the OTP is never ever received on the mobile number. Your link helped me to download the copy and I guarantee it works.

    You are super talented!!


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