Unable to login to registration.telangana.gov.in because of not receiving OTP SMS

registration.telangana.gov.in is a one stop shop to search for all registered documents. Anyone who has bought a property or wants to buy one, this is an excellent portal provided by the State Government to check for encumbrance and other details about the property.

The problem

To access these functions you need to register here, which you did; and after that when you try to login you are presented with a form where you need to enter OTP which you will get from SMS sent to your phone. However, the SMS never arrives. You click on – Resent OTP, and still nothing, no SMS. You call up the toll free helpline which is there on the portal’s header, and they ask you to clear browser history and retry. You do that diligently, inside your mind you know that it will do noting to help you. Anyway, you follow the instructions and retry and still the same issue. – If this is what happened to you as well, read on….

After some clicking around I figured that if I tried using the “Forgot password” functionality then that too sends OTP via SMS and there the SMS is actually delivered!

The solution

When you login and you are confronted with that OTP form then open another browser tab and open https://registration.telangana.gov.in/citizen_forgot_pwd.htm. Enter your email or mobile number. This will send a OTP SMS now. Instead of putting it there use that OTP on your post login form, and it will now successfully validate! Yeah!


  1. I too see the same issue. Even with forgot password, no OTP received.
    Telangana government officials in the EC are doing a pathetic job


    1. I have credentials and getting OTP also but still unable to login
      Showing invalid user/password
      Then i tried to reset my password and did it successfully.
      Still Showing same error
      Please do needful


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