Installing nodeJs in Windows (The easiest way)

The immensely exciting nodejs is not really made to run on Windows, but like me, if you want to develop on a Windows system then you will need to install it on Windows.

Installing nodeJs on Windows

  1. Get the Windows binary from Download the complete package. The current version is 0.4.4. You can download it from
  2. Create a directory (preferably with no spaces in its full path) and extract the contents of above 7z file into that. (You will need free 7zip to extract it.) Let this directory be C:\node.
  3. Create folder etc in the above folder, i.e. inside C:\node. So etc folder will be in the same folder as bin, lib etc folders.
  4. Inside the above etc folder create a file resolv.conf.
  5. Inside the above file paste the following:-

Using npm

npm is the popular package manager for nodejs now. So, to be able to use this is absolutely necessary.

  1. Launch cmd (Windows Command).
  2. Type cd C:\node\bin (if node is folder where you extracted the node binaries).
  3. Type shell.
  4. Now run your npm as – node npm install <package name> (without the angle brackets of course).