Category: Reports

  • Securing the WordPress Login page

    Of late I have seen quite a lot of brute force attempts to login into the admin account of this blog. The source IPs are wide and varied, ranging from Istanbul, Germany, Greece, US and more. In fact according to ArsTechnica article this has been happening for sometime now on a huge scale. I see a […]

  • Process to get new LPG gas connection

    There are no silver bullets but it is better to know the process to avoid harassment. I recently got Indane LPG gas after making rounds of their office for about a month. Most of these was due to the lack of info. SO, here you go. First step is you need to get the KYC […]

  • Google really finally allows India to sell Android apps

    There were reports a month back I suppose when Google mistakenly added India to the list of approved countries. Later that they removed India from the list, apologizing for the mistake. Now finally all India Android devs can rejoice. India is finally in the list. I just enrolled today. Check the below official link to confirm. Supported locations […]

  • Supported Digital Camera RAW formats in OSX iPhoto 11

    OS X Lion: Supported digital camera RAW formats. Simply re-blogging this link since Google search always yields me the list for iPhoto 6. It took me quite a while to find this link.

  • Our Mobile Planet

    Our Mobile Planet. A site supported by Google. We can download helpful charts on mobile usage penetration and behavior. Very helpful for site owners and can help decide if the site needs to have a dedicated mobile website too.

  • Digit Math Application: Proving that all numbers ending with 5 are divisible by 5

    Please read Digit Math: Introduction before you continue. The problem It seems I have developed a fascination for the number 5, so here we go again. Here I would be using Digit Math to prove that all integers  which end with digit 5 are always divisible by 5. The proof Case 1: Take a two […]