Blender 2.42 released.

For a list of all the great features in this new version click on the title of this post. To download blender goto

If you don’t know what is blender then read this.

Update: I should have included these links also for the lazy bones like me. Here are the direct links to all the new features’ list of Blender 2.42 at and to download go directly to Non-conventional OS users rejoice, Blender is available for Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris and FreeBSD too. And yes don’t forget to click on the headings of each features in the feature list for very descriptive explanations. Blender was always notorious for dearth of proper documentations, but all this has changed this year.

How to make the top banner of disappear!

This trick no longer works. For a better and newer trick that actually works now see my post Make the top bar (navbar) disappear.

As u can see at the top of my blog, there is no banner. I read about tricks to do that. That trick required us to remove a code in the template, but it seems that Blogger has become wiser and now it directly inserts the code at the appropriate place at the moment when the page is requested. So, the old trick now fails. How can we prevent from inserting that damn code? Simple, we don’t need it to do that.

In my technique I just hide the banner by placing a layer of my theme colour over it. Simple. If u too want to do that then copy the following code

<!-To make top bar disappear, exclusively by AppleGrew-> <div style=”position: absolute; width: 100%; height: 32px; z-index: 1; left: 0px; top: 0px; background-color: #CCDDBB” id=”layer1″> </div> <!-by Apple Grew->

and paste it between
<!– Begin wraps –>


<div id=”wrap”><div id=”wrap2″>

Please change CCDDBB to the HEX value of the colour u want. To know the HEX value of the colour u want, enter the RGB values of ur colour at this site at .

How to save videos from Google Video.

In the last post I posted a video from Google Video. If u wanted to save that file to hard disk then u might have found that there is no way to save them. Well, u can save them!

First, download Google Video Player from here. Then click on Goto Google Video in the button of the player below. U will be taken to Google Video site. There click on Download (choose ur operating system alongside). This will start the download of a file with extension gvp. This is of few kilobytes. Run it from the downloaded location by double clicking it. This will launch Google Video Player. Let Google Video Player download the full video. U will know the percentage downloaded by the percent of the seek bar which got grayed out. When complete, goto to Google Videos folder which is inside My Videos folder (which is itself inside My Documents). There u will find a file with the same name as that of the gvp file u just downloaded, but its extension will be different. It will be gvi. This is ur file. It is a simple DivX avi file. Change the extension of this file to avi and play it in any media player.