You’re Doing It Wrong – ACM Queue

You’re Doing It Wrong – ACM Queue. All CS students must read this. I thought of this once but never realized that this has so much impact.

Why The New Guy Can’t Code

Why The New Guy Can’t Code. Read the link above to know how IT companies’ technical interview should be. Not asking some quiz. It is really frustrating when you are asked such questions in interview which you know is never going to be needed in the job.  When you get reject because of those questions, […]

TataSky HD firmware updated.

The TataSky HD digicom auto updated today. The UI is hell lot sleeker, smooth and non-obstructive. And a hell lot more HD channels. I am loving it. 🙂

If you think Javascript and Html DOM are synonymous or the same thing, then you need to read this.

The DOM and JavaScript – MDC Doc Center. If you think Javascript and Html DOM are synonymous or the same thing, then you are badly mistaken. So if nodejs has Javascript interpreter then that doesn’t mean it will have DOM too! Read the above link to understand this very basic concept.

Installing nodeJs in Windows (The easiest way)

The immensely exciting nodejs is not really made to run on Windows, but like me, if you want to develop on a Windows system then you will need to install it on Windows. Installing nodeJs on Windows Get the Windows binary from Download the complete package. The current version is 0.4.4. You can download […]

New (possible) social engineering attack using forums.

First a disclaimer: I am not 100% sure if the incident that I am about to mention was really a social engineering attack to steal my email id. The attacker introduced himself as Osher. Osher if your intentions were really good then do let me know and I sincerely apologies. The incident Refer to the […]