Year: 2006

  • Uploaded two projects on

    A few days ago I uplaoded two projects on (world’s largest open source programs’ repository). They are LANSim and AG’s Library Manager. LANSim (Update: This has now been uploaded to Github – Please download or fork it from there.) This is a network simulator. This is meant to be user friendly as well […]

  • Dataone – BSNL Broadband: Common problems and quick fixes.

    I am a BSNL Dataone user and as any BSNL user knows that in case of problem u can turn towards BSNL for help. So, I guess I should help fellow users to let know the solutions to common problems I faced or face. problem When trying to dial and connect to BSNL you get […]

  • The Grid Life today reported about a unique project in which a program simulates the struggle to live on shared and limited resources. Though this concept is not new but the way it is being represented is new. Alongside is a screenshot from the video. Get a full description and download link by clicking the title of […]

  • Face filling Python script for Blender.

    This is amazing. I actually forgot to post on my blog the Python script which I made for Blender. Get more insight into this script at Download the latest code from

  • Importing iTunes playlist ino Winamp, Windows Media Player or any other player.

    I don’t like iTunes much, but I still use it, to syncronise my iPod Shuffle. I have hand-picked the songs on my harddrive and created a playlist in iTunes, which I sync with my iPod. The problem is, due to iTunes’ inability to save its playlist in anything but a cryptic XML or text format, […]

  • I am irregular.

    I have been very irregular for the past many days about posting on my blog. Sorry about that. It is due to part laziness and part study tension. Now my practical exams is on and later this month my end-sem will commence. So, I am very busy right now. When the exam ends in December […]