Maybe Pizzas and Subways have caused some allergies in me

Like many I have feasted over many Pizzas and ‘healthy’ Subway burgers. Infrequently and sporadically I have seem to get allergy attacks where hives form on your skin [1].

Hives will cause lot small swellings to form on your body, as it happens in case of insect bites, but all throughout the body. Many of the swelling may merge to form bigger islands. Along with that you will get extreme burning sensation throughout your body over your skin and incessant itching, but itching only spreads the hive formations.

I remember, I had this for the first time in my life, more a year ago. I had a Domino’s Non-veg pizza and after 15-20 mins I went to a local market, where it was hot and sweaty. I started having itchy sensations over my head and arms, along with some hives. The hives were not red and looked like it happened as a result of some mosquito bite. Then when I started scratching them then the situation aggravated. In half hour I was back home and my body was full with hives and islands and it was burning my skin. I took a cold shower, even though it gave a little relief, but it felt like thousand stings. My roomies grew concerned about my situation so we went to a doctor and took a shot of an anti-allergy medicine. It took about an hour to recover after that.

Later I called Dominos to query about any ingredients they put which is known to cause allergy, but as I expected they did know of anything. I had the dreaded thought that I have developed allergy of chicken! Finally I concluded may the heat, sweat and dirt caused this. Time passed and I had many more pizzas and I never had such an issue except for one another day. This time I was at home and was cool and dry. This time I tired not to scratch and in 15-20 mins I recovered.

It has been now one year and today after having Subway burger that same hive allergy struck me. Today also I was cool and dry and I tried not to scratch myself and I recovered in 15-20 mins, but now I could not ignore this anymore. So, I googled and found loads of information. So my final conclusion is I have developed allergy against corn syrup.


It seems I have developed allergy against High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS). This is a very dangerous substance and unfortunately, as I found out today, it is present in almost all fast foods. Including Subway burgers and Domino’s Pizzas [2][3][4]. This is also known to cause allergies, like hives [5].



  1. I just ate a veggie sub from Subway and got hives all over my face and chest. It was on 9 grain honey oat. I don’t think the allergy could be HFCS because then you would get it from virtually every processed bread, not just subway. This is the fourth time it has happened to me, and only happens with subway.


    1. I just had the same thing happen to me. I believe it’s the triticale in the whole wheat bread. Never eat that bread but did this week and now have such bad hives I’m on prednisone.


  2. I used to have hives as well, and tested trial and error with myriad of food. Try to exclude the subway sauces, which I did and bingo! I used to choose mayo and honey mustard


  3. A big relief.. to know that I’m not the only one! The following is my experience

    First time I got hives was after eating at dominos ..then again I tested on myself after few days.. nothing happened!

    Second time was when I had burger from Burger King. Then for a year I stopped eating cheese items!

    Then third time I had hives when I ate at Subway after few months! Finally I concluded that its because of cheese!

    I was wrong..and now a days I get hives even when I don’t eat at these fast food joints..and even when I avoid cheese. I get hives when it’s too hot or when humid..I could feel that its gonna come only thing I do is go back home asap..or take “Levocetrizine” tablet which would give relief in half hour or so!

    But one thing is for sure..never had hives when I had home made food!


  4. I’ve also had hives for about 10 years now mainly after eating Burger King, subway, pizza, and McDonald’s. It started when I binge ate McDonald’s every other day at school. I think it’s some preservative in their bread? But when I eat homeade food made from scratch or whole grain, organic bread, I haven’t had hives in a long time, even in hot humid environments. I think it’s mainly the processed fast food and the humid environment just causes it to break out. I’ve been avoiding fast food and it’s helped so so much- no longer afraid to run miles in the heat. Not having fast food is way better for my health overall anyways so I’ll be avoiding that from now on.


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