The HDFC scumbags.

I got a call from HDFC saying that I am being offered a Credit Card which has no renewal fees. I needed one but only for international online transactions like paying for this server, but didn’t want to incur any additional maintenance charges. Well so, I inquired and was assured that there are NO MAINTENANCE charges.

But the telemarketing scumbags of HDFC didn’t reveal then that there is indeed an annual charge for dormant cards of Rs.400. Well as it turns out if you do not make total transactions of minimum Rs.50000 per year then your card is dormant! This is exact reason for which I turned down ICICI credit card even though I have bank account there, but at least they were very clear and truthful about this.

HDFC you got me. Now I am now thinking of getting other bank’s credit card (maybe ICICI, even though it costs Rs.100 more), and will get out of this shitty bank.

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