Configure your Belkin N150 router for BSNL broadband

  1. Login to your router dashboard. It should usually be at
  2. Now under “Inertnet WAN” click on “Connection Type”.
  3. Here select “PPPoE” and click on Next.
  4. Provide your BSNL username and password. Leave the “Service Name” field blank.
  5. For “VPI/VCI” field provide 0 and 35 as values.
  6. For “Encapsulation” field choose “LLC”.
  7. Leave all other fileds to their default values.
  8. Now Apply Changes. It will take around 30 seconds for the router to restart.
  9. Notice the top-right corner of the page and check the status. If it says “Connected”, then you are good to go.
  10. Else click on the “Home” link near that. On the home page click on Connect button.

Now you should be able to use this Wifi router with your BSNL broadband. Happy surfing. 🙂

PS: Now you no longer need to use your computer to dial the BSNL connection and login. Your router has your BSNL username and password, it will do the dialing and logging in.



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29 responses to “Configure your Belkin N150 router for BSNL broadband”

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    […] o use your computer to dial the BSNL connection and login. Your router has your […]…

  2. Prasad Avatar

    I have just bought a Belkin router N150 yesterday and still struggling to configure to BSNL network.
    What you have explained is apt for cable modem but point 5 & 6 is not applicable for Belkin Router.
    There is no “VPI/VCI” or “Encapsulation”. Instead I see “IP assigned by ISP” & “MTU”….What should we input here?…..

    1. Nirupam Biswas Avatar

      I don’t have the router with me know so I can’t cross check. Anyway make sure that your router has ADSL modem too.

    2. abin Avatar

      for bsnl broadband bsnl router or modem is best

    3. barry todar Avatar

      i think can be a good help for fixing Belkin router

  3. Unnikrishn Avatar

    I brought a US RObotics Wireless Modem from BaHRAIN. I want to send this modem to India for BSNL Broadband. It is a wifi modem. I tried to configure manualy with BSNI Values so that in india they can simply connect to adsl line and use. But Wireless Network is not detecting. I dont know whether this will detect only if the adsl line is connect. Please advise.

    1. Nirupam Biswas Avatar

      No. The ADSL connection has no relation with Wifi part. Make sure Wifi is enabled. If that seems okay then take it to your service center, as the modem could be faulty.

  4. Kiro Avatar

    In configuration, Encapsulation is set to VC MUX. Everytime I change it to LLC, it changes back to VC MUX after the router restarts. Can this be the cause for my wireless connection timing out every now and then?

  5. Murali Avatar

    I signed up for BSNL broadband. I am having Belkin N150 F91001V1 model. Is it possible to use router directly or I must use a modem? Please help.

    Thank You in advance.

      1. Murali Avatar

        Thanks for your reply. I got an ADSL modem and now everything working fine! Have a great day!!

  6. shadow009 Avatar

    I’m using Belkin N150 modem since yesterday, the thing is i was getting an average of 1MBps before that with other modem(Dlink). And now its hardly 256 kbps . I would like to know the reason . If you could please help me in sorting this out , thank you 🙂

  7. Satyajit Avatar

    I am having local internet connection in hyderabd, and they provided me internet with static IP…i don’t how to assign static IP to my wireless router (Belkin N150)…..and i want to use internet as wireless internet…..please help

  8. Dr.shamnad Avatar

    my routers wifi connection is not working properly. after searching wifi my phone shows my computer”s name not my routers name. i connect that name with my wireless password my phone shows authentication problem. what i do.?

    1. Nirupam Biswas Avatar

      Is your laptop able to connect to your router? If yes then try turning off the ad-hoc wifi on your laptop and see what happens. Anyway you cannot connect to your laptop’s ad-hoc network using your router wifi’s password (if they both of them are not same).

  9. Sunilkumar HS Avatar
    Sunilkumar HS

    I am having local internet connection in bangalore, and they provided me internet with static IP…i don’t how to assign static IP to my wireless router (Belkin N150)…..and i want to use internet as wireless internet…..please help

    1. Nirupam Biswas Avatar

      Well I don’t have this router available with me, but all routers provide the option to assign static WAN Ip. See this link –

  10. Jagadeeshwar Avatar
    Jagadeeshwar is not working in my system. Is there any fault in this site or it is a dummy site? i bought only router do i need to bought modem to for this help me in using please

  11. Om Prakash Avatar
    Om Prakash

    How to connfigure to service of this modem iptv & pppoe internet
    please reply

  12. belkin router setup Avatar

    i am impressed this informative…

  13. Gyana Avatar

    I am using Digisol routher which is DG – HR 3400. It works great but when i am going to connect with VPN service it’s not working. I hve not got any numeric pin below the router. I am totally frustrated. Is there any solution?

  14. teja Avatar

    I have nokia siemens modem(input-slim pin)and router with flat pin..ihave output of modem as flat pin so I connected the output to router input .but im not able to use wifi so help me plzz I have to change settings?

  15. Vikram Singh Avatar

    Hi ,

    i want to know if i don’t have Modem. Can i use Belkin N150 as a WIFI ??

    Vikram Singh

  16. Mywifiext Avatar

    i never used Bsnl Broadband.. so i don’t knew the hole setup process…thanks to this article i m able to learn new things… these steps are very different .. thanx a lot

  17. Lalit Avatar

    Sir have Bellingham N150 modem.What connecter is connect on ADSL port RJ 11 or RJ 45.what is pin configuration of ADSL Port.

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  20. Avatar

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