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  • Unable to login to because of not receiving OTP SMS is a one stop shop to search for all registered documents. Anyone who has bought a property or wants to buy one, this is an excellent portal provided by the State Government to check for encumbrance and other details about the property. The problem To access these functions you need to register here, which […]

  • What is your effective income tax rate?

    In India the Income tax calculation is quite complicated. There are different slabs with varying percentages, then surcharges, education and health cess etc. Do you know what is the cumulative effect of all these various percentages on your net income? Effective income tax rate is the percentage value of your final tax amount by your […]

  • LIC what were you thinking? Cracking LIC e-Policy doc password!

    Long long ago I created a Gmail account for my (now) late grandfather. It seems someone else who shares the same name as my grandfather has provided and continues to provide that email as his own. Over the years I have been receiving random emails addressed to that person. I can tell they are not […]

  • Buying experience from – A review

    Buying experience from – A review

    I recently bought a PREMIER SPECIAL EDITION KINETIC PERPETUAL WATCH – SNP126P1 wrist watch from Till now my most expensive investment in watches. The same watch was available on for much less, however the number of sales made by the seller there was too less, additionally it had mixed reviews. That did not […]

  • Deep dive into new tax regime of Budget 2020

    Budget 2020 is a mixed bag and for the first time it provides the option to choose your tax slab. You have two slabs to choose from. The well understood old one and the new one. New one offers lower tax slabs but without any deductions (except for select few like 80CCD(2)). There is nothing […]

  • ServiceNow: Setting up Zoom with Notify

    Disclaimer: The information presented here is unofficial and is not endorsed or supported by ServiceNow. This has been published here in good faith that it can help someone. First ensure that you are at least on New York release Patch 1 and Notify is installed there (ref). Next you need to install two Store apps […]

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