No blogging till mid-sem.


Of late I have not been posting anything. I am not dead but actually I have been (well I am still) quite busy with my brand new laptop – HP Pavilion dv5200TX. Furthermore, our mid-semister exam is due on 6th of September. I am still to know the syllabus. The exam will be over in a week. I am itching to tell you about my laptop and the mathematical treat I promised.

……I forgot to mention that if you are viewing my site using Internet Explorer 6 then you maybe seeing the side-bar misplaced at the bottom rather than the side. Use Internet Explorer 7 beta3 or better use Mozilla Firefox.

Computer Science is Great – The Proof

In our college there is a general feeling that computer science is a useless, fancy engineering branch, but I beg to disagree. Without us (programmers) the computer is a useless junk. I made this animation video as a proof for that.This video has been made in Blender and edited in Windows Movie Maker. Everything, even the ‘It is a Junk without us’ portion too has been done in Blender, but, the credits portion has been done in Windows Movie Maker.

I am back!

My college has started. This is the 3rd week of new session. We don’t have decent (rather hard to access) internet facility in our college. I come back to my home every Saturday and hence I can only logon only on Saturday and Sundays (now hopefully on Fridays too). It really sucks, because I can’t keep my blog updated and read the barrage of emails I receive and the read the daily news on Blender.

Anyway, if you want to keep track of any thing new on this blog then all you need is subscribe to the Atom or RSS feed of this site. In Firefox you can add the site feed as a bookmark. Or if you have any other RSS feed reader then use this url to subscribe:

About forthcoming article: I am going to make series of posts about “Digitisation Mathematics“. Never heard of such a thing? Well, it is a not-so-small mathematical operations I made in my spare time when I was in std 6 (not sure about it). We normally deal with numbers as a whole, but here I deal with individual or some smaller groups of digits only. I will use this to prove some theorems and will also draw parallels with popular theorems for general mathematics.

This will be a treat for mathematical enthusiasts. Keep watching.

Webtop or WebOS. Operating System on Internet.

(The picture at bottom is that of Goowy and the one on top is that of YouOS.)

I recently came to know about and They are online operating systems. Yes, online, web-based OS. This does not mean that you will not require a OS on your computer (yet). You will need atleast an OS, a browser and of course an Internet connection to access it. They are actually web-based application mimicking the user interface of an OS. They have wordprocessor, chatting software, games and more. This is a very novel approach. Now effectively you can take the whole desktop around the world without actually carrying it. So, now you can work on your documents anywhere around the internet and you are safe from any hardware or virus infecting your precious work. What’s more, you can even work on heavy application on your an era old computer.

I must mention that they are still in development stage. Goowy in beta and youos in alpha stage. Both of them have linux like graphical interface. Goowy has a good interface and also has a chat facility for Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, etc. users. YouOS on the other hand probaly allows only IRC chatting. YouOS though have a wordprocessor which I didn’t find in Goowy. Goowy is flash based where as YouOS is javascript based, hence in YouOS you can interact like a real OS and right click on the desktop to bring up a menu to chage wallpaper, whereas in Goowy we get the Flash player’s menu.

This is indeed a good concept. They need to evolve more to be made really usefull. Go to their sites and click on ‘Try a Demo’ to launch the OS right away.

The screen billbord. Pixels for Hire!

This is one of the most innovative ad sites ever on the internet. This site has nothing but advertisements, but with a twist. Advertisers are required to hire pixels on the site at $1 per pixel. There are 1 million pixels available. This very much like hiring billboard space; very innovative. Click on the small ads to goto the advertising company. See for yourself. The site is He has already sold out all his million pixels, that means, he is a millionaire! Hats off; you deserve it for this splendid idea.

Below is a small frame showing the site.

Update: I have now found that this kind of advertising has now come to known as “pixel ad”. Google for this term and you will get so many such sites. I beleive that is the original pixel advertising site. I read about this in a computer magazine long ago. If you have any more info on this then post a comment.

Access banned sites in colleges.

Colleges have the irritating habit of playing god to their students by blocking harmless sites like Orkut, etc. In our college they have blocked the pictures from Orkut! This is simply outrageous. My friend’s college have gone far enough to block Orkut altogether. I think the college administration need to mature up and accept the fact that we ourselves are mature enough.

So, proxy servers are our salvation. Goto wikipedia to know what a proxy server is. is a popular one and maybe it is already blocked. is one site which lists about 10,000 proxy servers and even notifies whether the site is up and fast or up but slow or status not known by green, yellow and no colour respectively. Just type in the url (include http:// also) and click on the proxy server you want to use. Note that some of these listed servers may ask for money to access some sites. Click on Back and try out any other servers.

In case your college has even blocked then here are some of the proxies from the list there. I have tested them that they open Orkut successfully.

If you are geeky enough then try TOR with Privoxy. It is a software to setup proxy server on your computer. It is very difficult (if not impossible) to track you on the Internet. To know how to set it up using Firefox and from where to download all the required softwares goto

For geeks:-
I don’t know specifically if Tor will allow you to access banned sites or not. For this purpose you need tunneling softwares.
1) See a list of free tunneling softwares at .