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Maybe Pizzas and Subways have caused some allergies in me

Like many I have feasted over many Pizzas and ‘healthy’ Subway burgers. Infrequently and sporadically I have seem to get allergy attacks where hives form on your skin [1]. Hives will cause lot small swellings to form on your body, as it happens in case of insect bites, but all throughout the body. Many of […]

The HDFC scumbags.

I got a call from HDFC saying that I am being offered a Credit Card which has no renewal fees. I needed one but only for international online transactions like paying for this server, but didn’t want to incur any additional maintenance charges. Well so, I inquired and was assured that there are NO MAINTENANCE […]

The Carrier Frequency: Setting up OpenCV 2.0 in Eclipse on Windows

The Carrier Frequency: Setting up OpenCV 2.0 in Eclipse on Windows. A guide on how setup OpenCV 2.0 in Eclipse Helios; and this actually works.

Important links for HDFC Credit/Debit Card owners.

HDFC Credit Cards are good but their site suck, at least the site navigation and the number of places you need to register. Below are the vital links that every HDFC Credit Card users must bookmark. Credit Card Important Links:- HDFC Bank Credit Card Login – HDFC Pay Credit Card Bill – Create […]

Cold night

It is 3am in the night. I am still wide awake and have pulled back the window shades to let the cold winter air come in. Dunno what but there is something magical about cold winter nights. Something inside me likes cold nights like this. I catch cold quite soon but still the cold wind […]

Oracle Outlines Plans for Java Platform

Oracle Outlines Plans for Java Platform. Oracle’s Java RoadMap.

Movie Review: Anjaana Anjaani | The Vigil Idiot

Movie Review: Anjaana Anjaani | The Vigil Idiot. Great comic. 🙂

Imitinef Mercilet – Free Blood Cancer Medicine ~ is a Hoax

Many of you might have a received mails similar to the one below. Subject: Free Medicine for Blood Cancer!!!! Please don’t delete this without forwarding Dear all, I have forwarded it to the maximum I can. Let it reach the 110 crores Indians and the remaining if any. Put yourself, if you or your brother […]

Photo Gallery updated!

Angshuman’s Photo Gallery updated! @


Learnt a new word today – Lomography. It is an approach to photography that tends to oversaturate the colors; making even the dull pictures look appealing. More info @

ridiculous_fish » Blog Archive » Will it optimize?

Nice post on GCC Optimization. ridiculous_fish » Blog Archive » Will it optimize?.

New Photography

I have a friend Angshuman Debraj. His photography and Photoshop finishings are very impressive. So, I have now built a gallery for him on my server at For more updated pictures and his musings about his photography head to his blog @